The onus is upon our members to encourage institutional change at their own university. The ideas below offer possibilities for action - we'd love to hear any experiences or suggestions you may have. 

Establish a CAAN Chapter 

- Find out if there is already a group pushing for change at your university and if not establish your own CAAN Chapter on campus. 

Organise a Webinar 

- Contact us to organise a speaker to give a video presentation on reducing emissions at your university.

Advertise on Campus  

- Print out posters to advertise on campus. 

Mobilise on Social Media

- Establish a presence on social media

Contact the Sustainability Team at your University

- Check to see whether your university has a sustainability team in place. Contact them and ask them what you can do to help.

Bring Up Carbon Neutrality by 2030 with your supervisor/institute/department/chair

- Put pressure on your institute to adopt policies to go carbon neutral by 2030.


Change the Culture 

- Discuss flying with your colleagues, persuade them to become a member of CAAN.

Connect with other local groups to coordinate action

- Fossil Free Divestment: Colleges & Universities

- Extinction Rebellion 



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